There are only two days in my life when I’m satisfied the most – the day when someone makes me feel special and the day when I make someone feel special. As far as making me feel special is concerned, I can do that for myself, as I don’t expect much from other. But when I make a smiling streak on someone’s face; when I become the reason for someone’s happiness; when I hear the discrete giggle of the heart; when I hear the silence of the words and expressions of “spellbound” and “wonder”, those are the happiest moment of my life. Be it anyone, I love to see people smiling and celebrating in their own way. I like to jump into the world of adventure, wonders and surprizes where I explore and discover a new part of me! But when a friend smiles because of ME, that’s the most loveable part.

I was not much involved in birthday celebrations and parties because I never found a valid reason for being involved into those! But when it comes to friends and family, celebrations are a “WOW”!! My introvert nature always guides me to be intuitive and to be more within that without, but the curiosity for bringing happiness for everyone gave me some really valuable experiences that changed the way I was! TIME is an excellent teacher, and PATIENCE is the best tool to learn the lessons of life. Both of these have taught me how to make my own virtues, set my own goals, make my own beliefs and live by them!

My life changed so much in such a short time that I felt like it had been a lifetime living here on earth as HUMAN. It seems like I’ve got a lot of time to make things better than they are! For now, I’m changing myself; I’m evolving with the nature around me; I’m adapting to the situations I face, so that I can become a single inspiration to a million souls! I don’t like repeating this word “I” again and again. I want to drop my ego so that I can be introduced to my real self.

There are many instances that changed my solid beliefs – my 22nd birthday, my friends’ birthdays, my first salary, my parents’ anniversary, my sisters’ birthdays and many more. Above all, I realized that I feel happier when I give happiness rather than receiving it from someone. Little things matter a lot to some, and to some others, big things catch their nerve! I love giving others what they desire that I can fulfill. In other words, I want to say that among all those feelings of ups and downs, I’ve learnt to forgive others and a sense of gratitude is developing inside me. I feel happy and satisfied for the ones whom smiled for a moment because of ME. I feel privileged for the ones who consider me as their friend. I feel proud of my family who stands beside me at my every little step forward.

I feel HAPPY, I feel SATISFIED!!!

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