There are only two days in my life when I'm satisfied the most - the day when someone makes me feel special and the day when I make someone feel special. As far as making me feel special is concerned, I can do that for myself, as I don't expect much from other. But when … Continue reading THE HAPPY DAYS….

PARENTS – The Hands of GOD

The words you are going to read come straight from my heart. It required no thinking; it sprouted up instantaneously in my mind. It’s about PARENTS. We all love our parents and are always thankful to them. Aren’t we? Doesn’t matter what situations we have been through, we always end up in drawing ourselves towards … Continue reading PARENTS – The Hands of GOD


Inside a secure shell, Away from manly hell, She protected me from teary rain, Giving me breaths, taking my pain; Breathing same air, hearing same sound, Connected by blood lines, together we are bound, Feeling what I felt, Dealing what I dealt, She never blamed my moves, Holding me tight, she never let me loose. … Continue reading MOTHER