I’m Not Done!

When places are filled,

With so much fun,

And we live each moment,

As if again it won’t come,

With memories overflowing,

And experiences like other none,

I leave this beautiful place,

But I’m not done!

I’ve roamed around places,

Seen incredible structural assets,

But nothing matches the beauty,

Of the colourful evening sunsets,

Adventures at their best,

There are still many more to come,

But I shall not rest,

Because I’m not done!


Well, another year has passed and it has been a great year! Although I was not able to post much of the stuff this year due to my busy routine but it was a good learning experience for me both on personal and professional level. Today, when I’m in this grand city of India – Mumbai, I’m really grateful for all the wonderful experiences that this city has given me. Weekdays were tiring with job and weekends were fun with trips, holiday plans and shopping. In all, this year was full of surprises, a few ups and downs, many new lessons, new and old friends together, trips, night-outs, and so on.

It has been a year and a half since I got my job and honestly till now, I’ve no idea what my work is all about! I’m still finding reasons to stick to this current job of mine. No plans ahead, no preparations for future but still a strong feeling keeps coming again and again – the feeling that I’m going to be successful one day, and that day is approaching near. I don’t know how I will achieve this, but I’m certain that I will be a successful person someday with a nice sports car, top class gadgets, overflowing bank accounts, and most important of all, peace of mind. I’m not trying to associate my happiness and satisfaction with material riches and desires but hey, everyone has a dream that keeps repeating inside their heads again and again, telling them what they really want in life….. and so do I!

wpid-wp-1420030818594.jpeg In spite of such a busy routine, it feels good to have a personal space where I can share my personal thoughts, weird ideas, pictures of events and places, and most importantly the story behind each one of them. Lots of things happened around the world those were good, bad, some acceptable and some strange. Lots of activities occurred in my world too – one of them being achieving another milestone of 50000+ hits (all-time views) on my blog. In addition to such booming stats on my blog with visitors, viewers, likers and commenters from around 122 different countries around the world, my blog also passed its 4th blogoversary on 21st August 2014. Sad, I couldn’t post about it this year but no worries, it will come again next year and it will be more special I presume!

Today is the first day of 2015! To some of you, it may be a time for grand celebration while for some others it may be ‘just another day’. Apart from that, all I know is that it’s a beginning of new chapters each one unfolding itself into new experiences with a story behind them. Whatever their story is, I promise I’ll be there to tell it to you with the same enthusiasm and my own unique style.

So, keep reading my posts and feel free to share your views! Happy blogging!




Remember what happened on 21st December 2012? Well, as you might expect and recall, NOTHING! It was rumoured that 12-21-12 will be the last day of our civilization on this planet. And yes, it really was! In a post written on 21st December 2012 on my blog, I clearly stated and explained the real interpretation of the “end of this world as we know it”. For me, it was just like another day outside, but inside, there was something changing, shifting to a higher frequency. I was away from home that day (that you should not be on doomsday) busy with my regular Mechanical Design course classes. The same sun (of same size, colour and vigour) was shining; the roads were same; the people were same; the trees and birds were normal; the pace of time was normal; the monetary system was flowing good; the weather was doing good; so, in summary, no anomalies, nothing abnormal. But these were all the observations of outside world. Something changed inside that day; inside me and inside all of you!

Since that day, your DNA’s have changed a little, your thoughts have been impacted, your beliefs have been reformed, your questions have been increased, your ideas have been elevated, your awareness has been enhanced, your feelings have started becoming intense, your power to fight against injustice has been risen, even your mind may have been rebooted, but you hardly noticed that because you may not be aware of it. On 21st December last year, a shift in consciousness is what occurred! And on 31st of December this year, a shift in thinking is what will occur!

Consciousness is an electromagnetic field in which the thoughts exist as disturbances (crests and troughs). Consciousness field is everywhere, inside, outside and also in the bridge between the two. A shift in the state of consciousness results in a shift in the state of thoughts that flow in this field. If consciousness is a field, and thoughts are the disturbances or waves in this field, then mind is the infinite matrix of collective consciousness of the whole universe. This simply means that the whole universe exists in this infinite matrix. We don’t exist in the universe, but WE ARE THE UNIVERSE! This is how great and infinite we are!

Today is the last day of 2013, and by the next sunrise, it will be a new age waiting for us to open our eyes from the long sleep of unawareness. We have already entered the shift, and things are changing around fast. We are becoming more aware; our bodies are changing; our DNA’s are evolving; and this is happening no matter whether you believe it or not! People are changing. Their thoughts, intentions, desires, dreams, questions, words, principles, choices, decisions, proposals, ideas, and actions reflect these changes. By shifting the consciousness, the root of human mind is already in a state of transition and the same will be reflected in every thought and action of humans from now on! I hope that this New Year brings a positive change for one and for all. And I firmly believe that 2014 will witness many great thoughts and the resulted actions will prosper through the ages to come.

Celebrate not just this day, but this whole year, not only by spending money and buying stuffs, but also by raising yourself above these worldly attachments and becoming the one you were born to be – an infinite being who lives on free will! Let’s celebrate this year with more positive thoughts, more laughs, more friends, more love, more respect, more happiness and more celebrations! Sing and dance, drink and eat, for there’s nothing more special than the PRESENT moment.

Behold! The Age of New Dawn of Awareness has arrived!

HAPPY 2014!!

Love & Light,

Varun K. Sharma

2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Today is a very special day! It’s 21st of August, a day to celebrate for three special reasons. First, today is Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival in which sisters tie bands of love in the wrists of their brothers and brothers promise their sisters to protect them from all harm they may face throughout their life. This is not just a celebration but a test of faith, trust and love towards one another. And like other Indian festivals, this day, too, is a new experience for brothers, sisters and their families. For me, it’s my first Raksha Bandhan when I’m away from my sisters. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this time but I really miss my two lovely sisters who supported me and prayed for me at every step of my journey towards success. But then, I guess there are many things that we have to face for the first time in our life. That’s hard, but that’s the reality of life!

happy_blogoversary1Second reason why this day is special is that today is my blog’s Blogoversary! It’s been three years since I’ve started writing that has changed my perspective towards life. So, in a way, it feels like I was re-born three years ago and since then I’ve been evolving in my nature and my perspective. There are many things I’ve seen and experienced as I have interacted with different kinds of people– all different with different nature and different beliefs but some things in common. Through writing, I have learned to be open to new ideas, new possibilities and new experiences. And this change has introduced me to a new world that was already there but was somehow invisible to me! Through this blog, I want to show this new world to the entire humanity through my eyes; that’s why the blog actually!

There’s one more thing that can become ‘reason’ enough to celebrate the day. My blog has crossed the 40,000 all-time views milestone.40000-hits This clearly shows that I’m reaching a greater audience and more people are being influenced by the picture I present in the back of their minds. I hope to connect to more people this year too. Let there be millions more walking towards enlightenment.

I would like to end this post with a poetic composition of mine:

“Walk the grass green, walk the ash grey,

 When you have decided to walk, then don’t just stay,

 Jump above the cliffs, climb the rocks,

 Don’t bother to look back, whoever stops!”


© Varun K. Sharma



There are only two days in my life when I’m satisfied the most – the day when someone makes me feel special and the day when I make someone feel special. As far as making me feel special is concerned, I can do that for myself, as I don’t expect much from other. But when I make a smiling streak on someone’s face; when I become the reason for someone’s happiness; when I hear the discrete giggle of the heart; when I hear the silence of the words and expressions of “spellbound” and “wonder”, those are the happiest moment of my life. Be it anyone, I love to see people smiling and celebrating in their own way. I like to jump into the world of adventure, wonders and surprizes where I explore and discover a new part of me! But when a friend smiles because of ME, that’s the most loveable part.

I was not much involved in birthday celebrations and parties because I never found a valid reason for being involved into those! But when it comes to friends and family, celebrations are a “WOW”!! My introvert nature always guides me to be intuitive and to be more within that without, but the curiosity for bringing happiness for everyone gave me some really valuable experiences that changed the way I was! TIME is an excellent teacher, and PATIENCE is the best tool to learn the lessons of life. Both of these have taught me how to make my own virtues, set my own goals, make my own beliefs and live by them!

My life changed so much in such a short time that I felt like it had been a lifetime living here on earth as HUMAN. It seems like I’ve got a lot of time to make things better than they are! For now, I’m changing myself; I’m evolving with the nature around me; I’m adapting to the situations I face, so that I can become a single inspiration to a million souls! I don’t like repeating this word “I” again and again. I want to drop my ego so that I can be introduced to my real self.

There are many instances that changed my solid beliefs – my 22nd birthday, my friends’ birthdays, my first salary, my parents’ anniversary, my sisters’ birthdays and many more. Above all, I realized that I feel happier when I give happiness rather than receiving it from someone. Little things matter a lot to some, and to some others, big things catch their nerve! I love giving others what they desire that I can fulfill. In other words, I want to say that among all those feelings of ups and downs, I’ve learnt to forgive others and a sense of gratitude is developing inside me. I feel happy and satisfied for the ones whom smiled for a moment because of ME. I feel privileged for the ones who consider me as their friend. I feel proud of my family who stands beside me at my every little step forward.

I feel HAPPY, I feel SATISFIED!!!