Downpour Dance

Downpour, aghast I see, Waters drenched in dust, Under the wrong light, A figure formed from lust, Whining and whirling seductively, Taking away my merciless stare, Playful, calling to hold tight, Unbeknownst to when and where, Two different worlds, front and back, Undiscovered, understated, less understood, Reading an empty book that feels, Heavier in meanings … Continue reading Downpour Dance


In a room full of lights, I'm sitting with eyes closed, Covered in random clutter, Afraid of being exposed, To the prying eyes and timid minds, With expectations choking from afar, I can't breathe, it's suffocating, Like I'm trapped in an airtight jar, Heartbeat vigorous, sweaty palms, Thoughts colliding with my beliefs, Words stuck under … Continue reading Claustrophobic

12th Blogoversary

It's been 12 years since I started writing my mind out through WordPress. I've always been grateful to the decision I made 12 years ago when I started sharing with the world what I experienced, felt, thought mostly about and brought into action some of my fascinating ideas, hoping that someone reading around the opposite … Continue reading 12th Blogoversary