In a room full of lights,

I’m sitting with eyes closed,

Covered in random clutter,

Afraid of being exposed,

To the prying eyes and timid minds,

With expectations choking from afar,

I can’t breathe, it’s suffocating,

Like I’m trapped in an airtight jar,

Heartbeat vigorous, sweaty palms,

Thoughts colliding with my beliefs,

Words stuck under my tongue,

Pointless emotions disrupting my peace,

Severe uncertainty soaring high,

Self-esteem barely crawling on the floor,

Like I’m claustrophobic to this world,

Shrinking down to my unignited core,

From under the eyelid, I can still see,

A bright shimmering beam,

Reaching deep down into my soul,

Providing me a chance to redeem,

Myself of things I’ve done wrong,

Offering a choice to accept and find,

The courage to beat this inevitable fear,

Of being trapped within the walls of my mind.

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