Everything that we have learned till now is misinterpreted and thus misunderstood. I want to redefine everything, not into something new, but into something that is in real and unchanged form. I want to “redefine” everything in the way it originally is! Let’s begin a new journey; a journey towards absolute reality, where everything is understood instinctively as well as logically. This is a world with no contradictions, no proofs, no disputes, no wars…..only peace!

Change is in your hands

You are nothing but a frequency

Thought = A Dot

Everything Can Be Explained

Parents – The hands of GOD

How many ‘CAN’?

How can I be Wrong?

The Price of Time

The Price of Time (Simplified)

Religion, I Create

We Are All Actors

The Significance of ‘Two”

The Single Eye of Perception


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