Look at the sun burning hot, On a chariot traversing east to west, But it's the earth that revolves around, The sun stays in its place at rest, The waves climbing metres high, Upsetting the calmness of the sea, Neither the wind, nor storm, But moon is setting the horses free, The blue sky is … Continue reading Uncertainty

The Brightest Star in the Sky

Alone, sitting on a bench, Wondering why the world's so mean, There you came jumping in joy, Making me smile at this playful scene, You sat beside me gazing into my eyes, Like I had done something wrong, And all of a sudden burst into laughter, Like you've been holding it for so long, For … Continue reading The Brightest Star in the Sky


Heard from a distance, A voice calling my name, Maybe someone's messing around, Playing the pranking game, For a moment there was silence, And then a shrilling scream, Like someone woke up afraid, From a scary midnight dream, It came from behind me, Or maybe from the right, I felt a sense of discomfort, The … Continue reading Insidious