Heard from a distance, A voice calling my name, Maybe someone's messing around, Playing the pranking game, For a moment there was silence, And then a shrilling scream, Like someone woke up afraid, From a scary midnight dream, It came from behind me, Or maybe from the right, I felt a sense of discomfort, The … Continue reading Insidious


Left for dead,Under the rotten soil,Surrounded by filth,In an utter state of turmoil,My eyes are open,But I couldn't see a thing,Lying inside a wooden block,Some nails underneath that sting,I'm not able to move,But somehow there's a motion,Involuntary, autonomous, confusing,Is it the work of some magic potion?I hear no breath,I feel no air,But there's a faint … Continue reading Resurrection

A Moment of Serenity

Time flies by, Moments pass on, Legs keep moving, Another day gone, After the sun is down, A sense of solace, It's time to finally relax, At my favourite place, Feeling hell sleepy, But it takes hours to close the eyes, The moment is peaceful, But mind is still in disguise, How long will it … Continue reading A Moment of Serenity