Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder,

How’s it going to be,

When the roar of thunder,

Sucks the breath out of me,

When the clouds pour rain,

And sky lightens a spark,

Will my eyes close again,

Or be open in the dark!

Sometimes I wonder,

How’s it going to be,

When I see the high mountains,

Or the vast open sea,

When the waves climb high,

Will I turn around and flee,

If I run from my fears,

How will I ever be free?!

Sometimes I wonder,

Is it ever going to be,

That confronting my fears,

Will bring the best of me!

The Journey to the Center of my Mind

The journey starts from outside the door of my home. To the other side of the door, I see a world full of commotion, polluted physically and mentally with immoral values and double-meaning words. As I step ahead to the inside of my home, the outside commotion starts fading away. I can now untie my laces and open my shoes to walk on the floor with bare feet. The ground doesn’t feel solid at all but feels cold and smooth like ocean water carrying me away. As I move towards my personal room with my personal belongings, thoughts about them start emerging to the surface. I hold my belongings for a while, then pile them up in a separate place. I sit on a chair comfortably gazing at the painting on the wall. This is the painting of Yin-Yang made so creative that in a single glimpse, it acquaints me with the duality of this world but also reminds me of the singularity I belong to! While I keep looking at the painting on the wall, I close my eyes and now I enter the part of my journey where I don’t exist as a physical being but become a tiny part of the unlimited Source of energy. Though I am tiny, I am not limited to a single part of this huge never-ending fabric of reality.

This journey is not a physical journey to a place at my home. In this journey, my home is my mind. Outside the door, is a world based on duality that we live in, but inside it’s quiet and all the noise, pollution and unwanted thoughts are shut off slowly as I enter. The ground that I feel is not the floor of my home but the path composed of same material as I am. I don’t need to walk on it, it will take me where I want to go. My personal room is my subconscious mind and my belongings are my thoughts that have taken refuge in my room, intentionally or otherwise. As I go deeper into my mind, I hold every thought that I see and pile them in a separate place. Now I enter the more stable state of my mind where I am free of distractions. With thoughts piled up at a place out of my reach, I sit down on my chair which is the seat for the center of my mind. I look at the painting of Yin-Yang hanging on the wall. This is the perspective that I have created for myself and a portal to a world much deeper than I have ever been. I close my eyes and finally reach the center of my mind. There is nothing that I see or hear or feel or touch or sense. I am in a state of complete abundance. I am no more limited to the boundaries of my thoughts or my perspectives but have entered the very center of creation and destruction. I exist and don’t exist at the same time. I belong no where but I am everywhere. I am complete!

And while the world outside perishes and fights over things, I am finally at peace!

This is the journey to the center of my mind…. !

The ‘Karma’ Song

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
There’s something that follows,
Round and round,
Running in circles,
Speeding up and down,
Saying “what goes around,
Comes around!”

The work you do,
Shall bear you fruits,
The more you give,
The more you get,
But if you wanna be free,
Just don’t expect,
Fate can be lazy,
But it will find you,
It’s Karma people,
Always right behind you!

It’s not biased to intentions,
It’s a judge of your actions,
So be careful of what you do,
Warping the boundaries,
Of immutable time,
It will keep following you!

Things That Don’t Matter

I am intrigued by a thought,
And then there’s another,
Most of them about,
Things that don’t matter.

And when the list goes on,
I ask myself at last,
Am I living in present,
Or still venturing in the past.

Where does it lead,
The voice in my head,
Neither forward nor sideways,
But back towards the dead.

Who is in control,
Of all this meaningless chatter,
Why do I keep pondering,
On things that don’t matter.

How do I restrain,
How do I keep away,
How do I make myself,
A little better everyday.

I won’t let my thoughts,
My life, my world to shatter,
I’m no more living in the world,
Of things that don’t matter!!

The Veil of Ego

When the pride of a king,
Becomes selfish to him,
And serving his own people,
Seems vague within,
There’s something growing,
Spreading its roots around,
No marks, no scratches,
No sight, and no sound,
The veil of ego,
Covering the walls of mind,
Opinions don’t matter,
Instinct goes blind.

The one that rules,
The money and the minds,
Neither peace nor solace,
He ever finds,
Lost in his ego,
He fails to judge,
Even the acts of compassion,
Turn into grudge.

Lift off the veil,
Embrace the other side,
Bring people together,
With love, honor and pride,
Then even without your throne,
Your crown, cape and ring,
You’ll become and be called,
One true king!

A ‘never-ending’ Journey

IMG_20151212_143100Dreams – sometimes seen with open eyes and sometimes seen with eyes closed, contain the hidden messages that guide us towards a direction we should be going into! Although I mostly forget the dreams I see with eyes closed, the ones I see with open eyes are crystal clear. Many such dreams create a story which is then painted on the canvas of my mind. During my meditation sessions, there is a time when I’m connected to the Source, where a lot of questions, doubts and waves of confusion flood over the bridge that connects me and the Source.

One such dream, out of many alike, is the one about this wonderful journey we call ‘life’. What is this journey about? What is its motive or destination? I don’t really know but I have a theory! And here it goes:

Everything in this universe (or the part we know), at the bottom level, is made of particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.) which themselves,  at even deeper levels, are nothing but energy. Before we proceed any further, below three things need to be understood first:

  1. Brain waves and human aura
  2. Parallel Universes
  3. The concept of birth and death

Brain waves are the electromagnetic waves that surround the area of brain. These waves originate from the various interactions (chemical and physical reactions) going on inside the brain. Thoughts are one of the sources that generate electrical pulses inside the brain which leads to generation of brain waves. Therefore, when you think, you generate waves of energy which is projected outside your brain to the space around you. Not just the brain, but every part of the body generates such waves (of varying intensities). This can be confirmed by modern scanning and photography technology, where a person’s energy field (aura) can be seen as colored bands around the body. According to various sources on the internet, aura tells the well-being of a person – the brighter and bigger the aura, the healthier the person (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually).

According to the multiverse theory, there are an infinite (or finite) number of universes that altogether comprise of everything that exists. These universes that constitute the multiverse are called ‘parallel universes’. These universes may have physical laws and constants different or similar as our very own universe. The energy levels that govern the physical laws can be higher or lower than our universe. Multiple universes may coexist at the same space but may differ in the magnitude of other dimension(s). For example, two universes may co-exist in all the three dimensions of space, but may differ in their fourth dimension, say, Time. This means, that two universes co-exist at same space but at different times (maybe one in the present and other in the future, or other way round, etc.).

Having understood the concept of parallel universes and human aura, we can now come to the concept of birth and death. It is believed that the path from birth to death is a journey with birth as origin or starting point and death as destination or end-point. But as per my theory, it’s not like that! Birth and death are not source and destination, but are checkpoints. Therefore, when we die, our journey doesn’t end but shifts to another level. This reminds me of the concept of heaven and hell where it is believed that a person, according to his karma earned throughout his life, is allocated heaven or hell accordingly. The same concept can be understood in another way. Our thoughts generate electromagnetic waves (brain waves) which project the aura in the space around us. Throughout our life, we develop many thoughts and act on the same. Therefore, our aura keeps on modifying and keeps developing as per our thoughts and actions. Here comes Karma! When our actions are good, our thoughts rise to higher frequencies, and vice versa. This process of transcending of thoughts to higher understanding is called Ascension. And as our understanding goes deeper, we keep on ascending. And so, when we die with our frequencies raised to higher levels, we transcend to heaven, which is a parallel universe that is governed by laws where energy and frequency ranges are higher than ours. In the same as way, when our Karma is tagged as ‘bad’, and when we die with our thoughts and actions at lower frequencies, we descend to hell, which is again a parallel universe that is governed by laws where everything vibrates at frequencies lower than ours!

In simpler terms, if you don’t want to stick to the terms ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’, then all that I meant was that when we die, it’s not the end of the journey as we usually believe. It’s the transcending or descending of one’s energy or thought frequency. The reason why we can’t see the person who is dead can be justified by the fact that our senses are designed to detect limited frequency ranges and can’t see or feel beyond that. Only the body dies and degenerates, thoughts and ideas prosper even after death!

We are always alive!!

Beautiful Life !

The sun sets in the west,
Goes yellow to orange to red,
It’s way of telling the world,
That it’s time to go to bed!

River flows downstream,
With melodious splashing sound,
Together with refreshing green,
It’s the beauty nowhere to be found!

Birds and animals live in balance,
The strong defeats the weak,
Even a new born baby bird,
Knows how to use its beak!

People are becoming smart,
Things going smarter,
Issues and complains are replacing,
Joy, satisfaction and laughter!

People killing people,
Bodies harassed and used,
Minds are corrupted,
Even kindness sounds rude!

To what we all face,
In this cycle of existence called “life”,
We keep moving on,
On the sharp edge of knife,
With miracles, wonders, coincidences,
This is beautiful life!!