Source: Canva

Heard from a distance,
A voice calling my name,
Maybe someone’s messing around,
Playing the pranking game,
For a moment there was silence,
And then a shrilling scream,
Like someone woke up afraid,
From a scary midnight dream,
It came from behind me,
Or maybe from the right,
I felt a sense of discomfort,
The very air becoming light,
Something grabbed my hand,
Or rather it was someone,
Scared to death, shaking,
I turned around to see,
My own hand grabbing the other,
Why would I do this to me?
Am I making up things?
Is all of this a lie?
I’m asking all sorts of questions,
What when where and why!
As the days pass by,
The voices are getting strong,
An insidious disease is haunting me,
I only wish that I’m wrong!

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