The Brightest Star in the Sky

Source: Canva

Alone, sitting on a bench,

Wondering why the world’s so mean,

There you came jumping in joy,

Making me smile at this playful scene,

You sat beside me gazing into my eyes,

Like I had done something wrong,

And all of a sudden burst into laughter,

Like you’ve been holding it for so long,

For a moment our eyes stuck,

But a little different this time,

It was like my unorganised words,

Somehow found a poetic rhyme,

A moment it was, an eternal calling,

In the spiral of this unfamiliar emotion,

I just kept on falling,

Breaking the strange silence,

You said your first “Hi”,

Your eyes looked gleamy,

And mine just went dry,

From that very moment,

To every day that passed by,

You are, have been, and will be,

The brightest star in the sky.

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