The Brightest Star in the Sky

Alone, sitting on a bench, Wondering why the world's so mean, There you came jumping in joy, Making me smile at this playful scene, You sat beside me gazing into my eyes, Like I had done something wrong, And all of a sudden burst into laughter, Like you've been holding it for so long, For … Continue reading The Brightest Star in the Sky


The greatest joy of life lies inside all of us and is not associated or attached to any material thing outside that is available in the external world in the form of THINGS. We are grown up using things, such as mobiles, TV screens, iPhones, Tablets, music players, cool gadgets, accessories and many many more. Each one of us develops different types ofhabits, and if the habits are same, … Continue reading WRONG PLACE, SITUATION OR ‘YOU’?


Freedom becomes a gift when in love, But when the world watches over, You are chained. Wonderful becomes an everyday word in love, But when the words look at you, You are detained. More and more you become YOU in love, But when the boundaries identify you, You are unnamed. Smile becomes a language in … Continue reading WHY DO CHAINS HURT?!