The greatest joy of life lies inside all of us and is not associated or attached to any material thing outside that is available in the external world in the form of THINGS. We are grown up using things, such as mobiles, TV screens, iPhones, Tablets, music players, cool gadgets, accessories and many many more. Each one of us develops different types ofhabits, and if the habits are same, then the style turns out to be different. The question is, whether going to a lovely looking place or feeling like stuck in a wrong place is really someone else’s fault, or simply a twist of situations? Well, the answer is NONE. Wherever you go, carry your home not WITH you but WITHIN you!

If you think that you are stuck in wrong place and everything around seems boring to you, then it’s not the place or the situation to blame, but it’s YOU! The home that makes you happy is not made of things you possess or things you wish to buy but the real home liesinside you; it’s a home that is made of inner peace, inner joy and happiness which in turn comes from inner satisfaction. If you are not satisfied internally, you will start blaming thesurroundings or people for the same. Always do what makes you happy; just don’t thinktoo much about it. You like hanging out with friends; simply do it, and don’t think about it. You love watching movies; go for it, don’t think about it. The world is weird, and you are not the only one who’s crazy here! Show your craziness to the world; the ones, who’ll like your craziness, will stay with you, and for you!


  1. Sorry, your happiness is very much related to the external world of things. Try spending a week in a Cuban prison and you will understand that it’s not YOUR fault that you aren’t having a great time. Your external environment affects you in powerful ways. You’re kidding yourself with some hardcore Zen shit if you think otherwise.

    1. Of course! External environment affects us! But that external condition can’t control you. You have the total control over yourself. If prisoners don’t find a way to survive in prison, they will be dead within a few days. But they somehow learn to control themselves. Think it that way. Its no zen shit.

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