WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Geometrical Perspective

From the house of physics, geometry, mathematical equations, reasoning and life altering arguments, here’s a new article that explains the true nature of ‘BEGINNING’. Beginning what? Anything! It can be your career, studies, research, travel plans, ceremonies, further studies, parties, courses, marriage, business plans, further further studies, picnics, tours, hangouts, etc. When should you start … Continue reading WHERE YOU START, THAT’S YOUR BEGINNING – The Geometrical Perspective


Why are we here? We all may have different answers or no answer at all! It is said that there are two most important days in in our life, one, the day we were born and second, the day we realize why we were born! Each one of us has some goal we are born with. However weird it may sound, it’s ours! … Continue reading CHANGE……TO THE SITUATION!


The greatest joy of life lies inside all of us and is not associated or attached to any material thing outside that is available in the external world in the form of THINGS. We are grown up using things, such as mobiles, TV screens, iPhones, Tablets, music players, cool gadgets, accessories and many many more. Each one of us develops different types ofhabits, and if the habits are same, … Continue reading WRONG PLACE, SITUATION OR ‘YOU’?