Why are we here? We all may have different answers or no answer at all! It is said that there are two most important days in in our life, one, the day we were born and second, the day we realize why we were born! Each one of us has some goal we are born with. However weird it may sound, it’s ours! And we work our entire life to reach that goal. Though there are hurdles on the way, but the one who has no fear for the situation and the consequences, is the one tagged with “success”. We are here not just for living as if passing each day and being thankful to ourselves and others for assisting us in making it a day not too long for boredom. We are all here for some higher purpose and obviously this purpose is not ‘counting the hours and passing the days’. To know our purpose, we think, and then act accordingly and if it suits our interest, we believe we are on the right path.  But, is that it? Is this how we come to know what we need?

Well, if we expand a little (in consciousness), we’ll find a remarkable way to uncover the mystery in the book of our goals. Any path that leads us to our happiness and our happiness alone is not the right path.  Just because we feel happy about walking along that path, doesn’t make it right. The path we have chosen must not interfere with the happiness of others. For example, if I like playing guitar when I am in a melodious mood, but the surroundings are disturbed by activity, then what should I do? Should I stop playing? But that would mean sacrificing my own happiness for the sake of others well-being and comfort. What to do then? Simply, change the situation; alter the whole scenario. How? Close the door! If not possible, then play somewhere else where there’s no one to be annoyed by the music. Need more alternatives? OK. What about involving others too in the activity! Or the most weird, difficult or whatever you may call it, “change the activity”! By that, I didn’t mean to stop playing. What about me being involved in what others are doing rather than expecting them not to be disturbed! Difficult? Weird? Nonsense? Yes. It may be! But this is where I would like to establish the base of my statement.

Do what you like, but don’t let your actions spoil others’ fun!

When changing the situation doesn’t work, why not change to the situation! Sometimes, things may seem out of control. What do we do then? It seems we can’t control the situation anymore, so wouldn’t it be better if we change to the situation! Well, that needs courage and fearlessness, but that is what will make us more adaptive to the surrounding world. And that is what will eventually lead us to our goal. Try it! We all have heard the famous quote, “Change is the law of nature”, and that’s completely valid and true. But change what or who? That depends entirely on our choice.

Choose wisely!

3 thoughts on “CHANGE……TO THE SITUATION!

  1. Nice post !
    Change is the law of nature, indeed…but I believe its not about finding what or who, rather maintaining a Balance between the two.

  2. Sometimes I do interfere with the happiness of others. It’s a journey and I don’t regret it, but I’d like to change to the situation. I can do it by trying to connect, instead of seeing myself as different from (better than, *smile*) others. Thank you. Namaskar (I like the meaning of “Namaskar” that I found on Wikipedia while searching for the meaning of Namaste; I hope it doesn’t offend; I am looking for definitions of what people are because of my own personal experiences with “mental illness,” or awakening) 😉

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