Dedicated to all the employed ones 😉 :p

We eat the same food,
We earn the same money,
We travel the same places but still…
Your plate is bigger than mine,
Your face is brighter than mine,
Maybe your job is better than mine.better-job-24281717

I work the code all day,
You just make a few clicks,
My time ends in sway,
You’re making crosses and ticks,
Seems like I’m the one who’s stuck,
I’m the only one,
Who needs a better job,
That satisfies me a ton.

Still your plate is bigger than mine,
Maybe your work is relaxing than mine,
How do I get the same,
The rest, the work so lame,
That earns me the same money,
Makes my life pleasant and sunny.

Ask your boss to give me a chance,
Tell him I’m interested in such motionless dance,
Praise a little, mould a little,
Let me see your world at a glance,
I, too, need a bigger plate,
Where work is done on an invisible slate,
Bring me the papers I need to sign,
As I’m not happy with this work of mine,
Because your plate is still bigger than mine.


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