Remember what happened on 21st December 2012? Well, as you might expect and recall, NOTHING! It was rumoured that 12-21-12 will be the last day of our civilization on this planet. And yes, it really was! In a post written on 21st December 2012 on my blog, I clearly stated and explained the real interpretation of the “end of this world as we know it”. For me, it was just like another day outside, but inside, there was something changing, shifting to a higher frequency. I was away from home that day (that you should not be on doomsday) busy with my regular Mechanical Design course classes. The same sun (of same size, colour and vigour) was shining; the roads were same; the people were same; the trees and birds were normal; the pace of time was normal; the monetary system was flowing good; the weather was doing good; so, in summary, no anomalies, nothing abnormal. But these were all the observations of outside world. Something changed inside that day; inside me and inside all of you!

Since that day, your DNA’s have changed a little, your thoughts have been impacted, your beliefs have been reformed, your questions have been increased, your ideas have been elevated, your awareness has been enhanced, your feelings have started becoming intense, your power to fight against injustice has been risen, even your mind may have been rebooted, but you hardly noticed that because you may not be aware of it. On 21st December last year, a shift in consciousness is what occurred! And on 31st of December this year, a shift in thinking is what will occur!

Consciousness is an electromagnetic field in which the thoughts exist as disturbances (crests and troughs). Consciousness field is everywhere, inside, outside and also in the bridge between the two. A shift in the state of consciousness results in a shift in the state of thoughts that flow in this field. If consciousness is a field, and thoughts are the disturbances or waves in this field, then mind is the infinite matrix of collective consciousness of the whole universe. This simply means that the whole universe exists in this infinite matrix. We don’t exist in the universe, but WE ARE THE UNIVERSE! This is how great and infinite we are!

Today is the last day of 2013, and by the next sunrise, it will be a new age waiting for us to open our eyes from the long sleep of unawareness. We have already entered the shift, and things are changing around fast. We are becoming more aware; our bodies are changing; our DNA’s are evolving; and this is happening no matter whether you believe it or not! People are changing. Their thoughts, intentions, desires, dreams, questions, words, principles, choices, decisions, proposals, ideas, and actions reflect these changes. By shifting the consciousness, the root of human mind is already in a state of transition and the same will be reflected in every thought and action of humans from now on! I hope that this New Year brings a positive change for one and for all. And I firmly believe that 2014 will witness many great thoughts and the resulted actions will prosper through the ages to come.

Celebrate not just this day, but this whole year, not only by spending money and buying stuffs, but also by raising yourself above these worldly attachments and becoming the one you were born to be – an infinite being who lives on free will! Let’s celebrate this year with more positive thoughts, more laughs, more friends, more love, more respect, more happiness and more celebrations! Sing and dance, drink and eat, for there’s nothing more special than the PRESENT moment.

Behold! The Age of New Dawn of Awareness has arrived!

HAPPY 2014!!

Love & Light,

Varun K. Sharma

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