My Wish For You!

Together we stayed, In a different world of ours, Together we prayed, And shared extraordinary powers, You believed in God, I believed in you, Every story you told, I considered it true. Your tongue-twisting recipes, Tortured me high, But to make you smile, I never gave up to try, My reluctant habits, And your scoldings … Continue reading My Wish For You!


Remember what happened on 21st December 2012? Well, as you might expect and recall, NOTHING! It was rumoured that 12-21-12 will be the last day of our civilization on this planet. And yes, it really was! In a post written on 21st December 2012 on my blog, I clearly stated and explained the real interpretation … Continue reading THE AGE OF NEW DAWN OF AWARENESS


Freedom becomes a gift when in love, But when the world watches over, You are chained. Wonderful becomes an everyday word in love, But when the words look at you, You are detained. More and more you become YOU in love, But when the boundaries identify you, You are unnamed. Smile becomes a language in … Continue reading WHY DO CHAINS HURT?!