There are only two days in my life when I'm satisfied the most - the day when someone makes me feel special and the day when I make someone feel special. As far as making me feel special is concerned, I can do that for myself, as I don't expect much from other. But when … Continue reading THE HAPPY DAYS….

THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 3: The Surprise of Hope)

*continued from the ending of chapter 2 Being transformed into a bubble again, En, who now became Engy contained some heavy matter inside that made him realize the ‘new’ fundamental element of nature – GRAVITY. Surprised by its amazing but endless pull, Engy, who aimed at rising above the clouds, was now falling down towards … Continue reading THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 3: The Surprise of Hope)


I'm surrounded by many, Still my mind goes alone, In the screams and shouts, I find myself thrown, In the colours so beautiful that shine, With the light of purity surrounded, By the halo divine. I'm astounded by beauty, Still my words change incline, On the bridge of fun and joy, I feel connected to … Continue reading WHEN I’M BEYOND….