THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 3: The Surprise of Hope)

*continued from the ending of chapter 2

Being transformed into a bubble again, En, who now became Engy contained some heavy matter inside that made him realize the ‘new’ fundamental element of nature – GRAVITY. Surprised by its amazing but endless pull, Engy, who aimed at rising above the clouds, was now falling down towards the ground, sad and depressed. As the time passed by, Engy began to understand the situation he was dragged into! He started feeling the gravity because he ACCEPTED it, as he had found no way to resist the pull. He was falling down as rain.

Engy looked around to see if others were as sad and depressed as he was! To his surprise, all others were enjoying their ‘journey towards the ground’. Seeing all this, Engy concluded that it’s only him who is having the problem. He wanted to share his feelings; he needed some solution. He wanted to be happy again.

He asked another bubble of rain just next to him, “Hey! Is it your first time?”

The other bubble, named Levy, replied in surprise, “First time? What are you talking about?”

Engy said, “I’m talking about this journey. Is it first time you are walking on this pointless journey?”

Levy laughed and said, “This is not a pointless journey and it’s not my first time either. I don’t actually remember how many times I’ve been on this amazing journey; but every time I’m into it, I enjoy it!”

Engy, a little surprised, turned towards another bubble of rain and asked him the same question. He got the same answer but in different words. He kept on asking the same and kept on getting the same reply every time. He felt dejected, separated, and alone.  No one around him shared the same thoughts and experiences as him!

It was long way to go and there were many adventures on the way. Strong winds were striking them hard and changing their direction. But gravity was something that could neither be avoided nor escaped. Engy was still trying to find something that could make him happy. Suddenly, his eyes stopped on a tiny bird, Falco, who was trying to make his way home through the rain. Falco was struggling to fly at a certain safe height from the ground but rain drops falling on his streamlined body were slowing him down and resisting the flapping motion of his wings. He fell, and he rose again. He did this too many times that Engy could not take his eyes off him. Unable to change his direction by himself, Engy could do nothing but see Falco’s movements from a distance; because Engy was constrained by the pull of gravity. Engy traced Falco’s movements till Falco escaped the dark cloud cover that was slowing him down. Engy and Falco never met but they were connected in some way. Engy could feel it! Engy kept thinking about Falco and asked himself, “What is it that kept the little bird hold on to his decision of heading towards his home even in this unfavourable weather?”

In a moment’s time, Engy was thrown into a ‘blank’ space, motionless. Everything froze before his eyes. At the very next instant, he heard a familiar voice echoing out loud at first and then fading slowly, the word “HOPE”. Engy was astounded to hear the voice; it was the same voice he used to hear when he was in the dark waters.
“Could it be possible?” Engy asked himself in surprise.

Trapped in the inescapable field of gravity Engy was unable to change his direction by himself. Only strong winds could change his direction. Like Engy, we are also sometimes dragged into situations we can’t control or we can’t get rid of. In the gravity of such situations, we are unable to escape the field and forced to move in a direction we don’t want to move in. Engy was sad at being the ‘only’ one who was feeling unusual. Falco had a lasting impact on Engy’s questioning mind. Falco’s continuous struggle in making his way home through the rainy storm left Engy spellbound. Both of them didn’t know each other but still Engy learned a lesson from this stranger.
In life, some people come to KNOW you, some of them come to be a PART of your life, some become friends, some become more than that, and yet some of them come for a while to TEACH you and then they LEAVE. But ultimately every one has some part to play, doesn’t matter if you actually know them or not! Whenever we are stuck in some situation, a voice guides us; it tells us what is right for us to do at that instant. We just need to believe.

This was chapter 3 of the novel; the next chapter will soon be published on the blog.

©Varun K. Sharma

2 thoughts on “THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 3: The Surprise of Hope)

  1. when people once enter ur lyf, they never ever leave u… they may disappear physically, but their essence is always retained.. either in the way they taught u, or even tried to teach u… they make a place in ur mind,, and its not mandatory ki a gal and boy cannot b just friends… they can b…

    if someone showers trust on some other person, the reason cud b ever more pure and honest… some relations r divine… bt the mindset is universal… i wonder are there any exceptions to this universal law… ??

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