Don’t Ignore The Signs

When the words fall short, And things make no sense, Keep looking for signs, Before all the hope ends. When the sky looks dark, Even in broad daylight, Keep looking for signs, Hidden in plain sight. Trust your inner voice, Don't let anything move you, Don't ignore the signs, They might lead back to you. … Continue reading Don’t Ignore The Signs

THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 4: The Bird’s View)

*continued from chapter 3 So you thought that Falco would come and go unnoticed just like that! No. Not in my story! In my story, every character has a significant role to play. So, let’s leave Engy with his questions and doubts for a while and fly home with this little bird that helped me introduce … Continue reading THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 4: The Bird’s View)


This poem explains one of the various instances when the rush of emotions come into my mind while  meditating. There is darkness and in between that darkness, there's light. There's silence and in between that silence, there's voice. There are doubts, and in between those doubts, there are answers. It's like a candle lighting in … Continue reading BETWEEN THE SHADOWS

THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 3: The Surprise of Hope)

*continued from the ending of chapter 2 Being transformed into a bubble again, En, who now became Engy contained some heavy matter inside that made him realize the ‘new’ fundamental element of nature – GRAVITY. Surprised by its amazing but endless pull, Engy, who aimed at rising above the clouds, was now falling down towards … Continue reading THE ADVENTURE OF A BUBBLE (Chapter 3: The Surprise of Hope)


From the depths of doubts, Neither too shallow nor too deep, I rise with an answer in hand, Neither too strong nor too weak, From the core of darkness, Neither too calm nor too blind, I rise with light in hand, Neither too easy nor too hard to find, From the traps of fake faces, … Continue reading I RISE….