Image I’m surrounded by many,
Still my mind goes alone,
In the screams and shouts,
I find myself thrown,
In the colours so beautiful that shine,
With the light of purity surrounded,
By the halo divine.

I’m astounded by beauty,
Still my words change incline,
On the bridge of fun and joy,
I feel connected to million souls of mine,
Living in the world so real that touches the core,
With the hands of love I feel undeserved,
Coming from the heaven’s door.

I’m obsessed by curiosity,
Still my desire goes untamed,
In the deeper levels of understanding,
I find myself in the pictures unframed,
That are clicked by the hands of time,
And the lenses of beliefs,
Emerging from the reel of my life sublime.

ยฉVarun K. Sharma

5 thoughts on “WHEN I’M BEYOND….

  1. Varun, this poem speaks deeply to me. I often feel so alone even in a crowd. Crowds whose screams and shouts of energy can often throw us out of balance for a short while..
    But when we go in that sacred space.. we can find those colours and light, and Feel the Love so real as it touches our soul..

    Loved this entry, and the picture graphic you chose is one of my all time favourite pictures of Steps to Heaven.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wishing you a Great Leap into 2013 as you walk high.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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