Ever imagined a tree,
With shining fruits and leaves,
Waving and dancing with the wind,
That blows right through them,
Separating them from one another,
Injecting a serum of joy,
In their watery flesh,
So tangible and discrete,
That eyes can’t see,
But mind can read,
Senses fail to detect,
The essence of freedom,
Even in this separation,
That knows no sorrow,
But knows how to smile,
Whether it is necessary or futile,
Ignoring all other reasons to halt,
The wave of enthusiasm hovering,
Up, below, inside,
Creating a desire of LOVE,
Beside, inside, aside,
Everywhere you can see,
The green colour of life,
Refreshing your mind.

Ever imagined a tree,
With roots touching ground,
That may seem like bound,
But leaves covering the sky,
Ever had doubt on being unhappy,
Then let it be free….

©Varun K. Sharma

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