Along comes the wave, Of happiness in the grave, Inside the hearts of many, Will rise a desire to drop the penny, Comes the time when all will be one, Just make a wish and it will be done, No need to cry, no need to creep, No need to climb up the difficult steep, … Continue reading ALONG COMES THE WAVE


Ever imagined a tree, With shining fruits and leaves, Waving and dancing with the wind, That blows right through them, Separating them from one another, Injecting a serum of joy, In their watery flesh, So tangible and discrete, That eyes can't see, But mind can read, Senses fail to detect, The essence of freedom, Even … Continue reading LET IT BE FREE

DIWALI – The joy of lights or the glitter of sounds???

Before you start reading, there’s one thing I want to say. In this post, I’m presenting my personal view regarding things which I’ve observed myself. There’s no reason that you should have the same observation or same beliefs as I do. So, when you read, read with open mind. My motive here is not to … Continue reading DIWALI – The joy of lights or the glitter of sounds???