ImageAlong comes the wave,
Of happiness in the grave,
Inside the hearts of many,
Will rise a desire to drop the penny,
Comes the time when all will be one,
Just make a wish and it will be done,
No need to cry, no need to creep,
No need to climb up the difficult steep,
Ask for light and it will be yours,
Stars will rest in your backyard stores,
Create a thought from your mind,
Bring it to yourself, no need to find,
Take a deep breath to let go of what’s stuck,
Take control, don’t go for luck,
Start working, don’t be lost,
Just be somewhere, doesn’t matter if you’re last.

Along comes the wave,
It’s your chance to ride,
In the essence for what you crave,
Don’t lose yourself in pride,
Along comes the wave,
Capture it in your frame,
Don’t make emotions your slave,
Put yourself before your name.

Along comes the wave,
With vibrations of light,
Be grateful for every moment,
Be positive, energetic, and bright.

©Varun K. Sharma

2 thoughts on “ALONG COMES THE WAVE

  1. Excellent Varun. Would that more could SEE and allow themselves to be swept in the Wave. The Sea of Consciousness is waiting! More are standing upon the edges of the shore. We just need afew morE to dip their toes into the water. Many are opening their awareness. Many are now seeing perhaps for the First Time.
    I hope we can soon create a tidal-wave of THOUGHT! And let it indeed engulf the whole World in LIGHT!
    Blessings to you
    Sue X

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