Along comes the wave, Of happiness in the grave, Inside the hearts of many, Will rise a desire to drop the penny, Comes the time when all will be one, Just make a wish and it will be done, No need to cry, no need to creep, No need to climb up the difficult steep, … Continue reading ALONG COMES THE WAVE

2013 – THE “NEW” YEAR

The beginning of a new year always amazes us. Human minds always crave for something NEW. The word ‘new’ itself has different meanings for different people. For people lost in darkness, it means a new hope; for people lost in their path, it means a new direction; for people lost in the wave of emotions, … Continue reading 2013 – THE “NEW” YEAR


A flower that blooms, An eye that dreams, A light that spreads, A window above the heads, A bed of green grass, A lens of clean glass, A land of beautiful variations, A bond of valuable relations, A smile of happiness and joy, A spark of hope in the eye, A fire of doing something … Continue reading WE ARE ALL CONNECTED