2013 – THE “NEW” YEAR

new-year-151aThe beginning of a new year always amazes us. Human minds always crave for something NEW. The word ‘new’ itself has different meanings for different people. For people lost in darkness, it means a new hope; for people lost in their path, it means a new direction; for people lost in the wave of emotions, it means a new learning; for people lost in questions, it means a new source of answers; and so on. Different people see the word ‘new’ with different perspectives – the perspective that very closely resembles their desire.

We symbolize the ending of a year as the ending of all our worries, dilemmas, stresses, problems, tensions, and all those things that made us feel ‘lost’ or ‘unhappy’ or ‘dissatisfied’. Then, we welcome the New Year with many expectations and so, we celebrate! Celebration marks the ‘end’ of a phase that has to be left behind as a memory (good or bad, memories are always valuable) and at the same time, it marks the ‘beginning’ of a new phase that is expected to bring all the good things in our life. Celebration acts as a gateway to a new future – a future that we expect to be filled with love, joy and happiness.

Every New Year brings something new, but there’s something different this year! The year 2013 is special for all of us. What makes this year so special can be best described by poetic rhymes.

The dusk of one more day,

Ends in joy, not in sway,

Because this is not the end,

But just another ‘wordily’ bend,

From the depths of the last night,

Will rise a new dawn with a new light,

Taking us on a new wave of perception,

Unveiling all the layers of deception,

The Age of Aquarius blossoming bright,

Bringing an end to all ‘endless’ fight,

The beginning of a new era of humanity,

Awareness of self, ONE, life and spirituality,

Opening new dimensions of reality,

Spreading the message of singularity,

We welcome the YEAR OF CHANGE,

Accepting the things that once seemed strange,

Together, let’s celebrate and rejoice,

Because what’s new, has no price!


Let’s welcome the YEAR OF CHANGE – the year which is expected to change the perspective of humanity towards everything. As I’ve said in my previous posts, this year will bring many big and small changes in physical, physiological, emotional, social and personal level. There’s one more reason that makes this day special. My blog has crossed another milestone of 30,000 all-time views. All thanks to YOU people!


Once again, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you and on this wonderful day, I wish that your path enlightened with LOVE and LIGHT.

I hope Varungenius’s blog keeps you enlightened with my words of realizations and my experiences!


Varun K. Sharma

3 thoughts on “2013 – THE “NEW” YEAR

  1. Here’s to the New Dawn and the New Light Varun, and wishing you all the very Best for 2013.. I am still working my way around my New Year wishes to WP … Enjoy this Very special Year.. 🙂

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