My Wish For You!

Together we stayed, In a different world of ours, Together we prayed, And shared extraordinary powers, You believed in God, I believed in you, Every story you told, I considered it true. Your tongue-twisting recipes, Tortured me high, But to make you smile, I never gave up to try, My reluctant habits, And your scoldings … Continue reading My Wish For You!


Well, another year has passed and it has been a great year! Although I was not able to post much of the stuff this year due to my busy routine but it was a good learning experience for me both on personal and professional level. Today, when I’m in this grand city of India – … Continue reading A NEW CHAPTER OPENED!

2013 – THE “NEW” YEAR

The beginning of a new year always amazes us. Human minds always crave for something NEW. The word ‘new’ itself has different meanings for different people. For people lost in darkness, it means a new hope; for people lost in their path, it means a new direction; for people lost in the wave of emotions, … Continue reading 2013 – THE “NEW” YEAR