Well, another year has passed and it has been a great year! Although I was not able to post much of the stuff this year due to my busy routine but it was a good learning experience for me both on personal and professional level. Today, when I’m in this grand city of India – Mumbai, I’m really grateful for all the wonderful experiences that this city has given me. Weekdays were tiring with job and weekends were fun with trips, holiday plans and shopping. In all, this year was full of surprises, a few ups and downs, many new lessons, new and old friends together, trips, night-outs, and so on.

It has been a year and a half since I got my job and honestly till now, I’ve no idea what my work is all about! I’m still finding reasons to stick to this current job of mine. No plans ahead, no preparations for future but still a strong feeling keeps coming again and again – the feeling that I’m going to be successful one day, and that day is approaching near. I don’t know how I will achieve this, but I’m certain that I will be a successful person someday with a nice sports car, top class gadgets, overflowing bank accounts, and most important of all, peace of mind. I’m not trying to associate my happiness and satisfaction with material riches and desires but hey, everyone has a dream that keeps repeating inside their heads again and again, telling them what they really want in life….. and so do I!

wpid-wp-1420030818594.jpeg In spite of such a busy routine, it feels good to have a personal space where I can share my personal thoughts, weird ideas, pictures of events and places, and most importantly the story behind each one of them. Lots of things happened around the world those were good, bad, some acceptable and some strange. Lots of activities occurred in my world too – one of them being achieving another milestone of 50000+ hits (all-time views) on my blog. In addition to such booming stats on my blog with visitors, viewers, likers and commenters from around 122 different countries around the world, my blog also passed its 4th blogoversary on 21st August 2014. Sad, I couldn’t post about it this year but no worries, it will come again next year and it will be more special I presume!

Today is the first day of 2015! To some of you, it may be a time for grand celebration while for some others it may be ‘just another day’. Apart from that, all I know is that it’s a beginning of new chapters each one unfolding itself into new experiences with a story behind them. Whatever their story is, I promise I’ll be there to tell it to you with the same enthusiasm and my own unique style.

So, keep reading my posts and feel free to share your views! Happy blogging!


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