This is the story of a child,
Who was born under shelter, not in wild,
Raised by a family so loving and kind,
In the whole land, difficult to find,
Weaving the dreams of successful life,
He always got slices, never needed a knife,
Innocent eyes, true tongue tips,
He was still afraid to move his lips,
Unaware, he acted as a cheap bait,
His words never bent, but went straight,
He fought with his questions and doubts,
Thoughts followed him, he followed thoughts.

The child grew older and wished to ‘learn’,
Expanded his sphere, learned to earn,
Met new people, got praised,
Interpretations changed, expectations raised,
He started loving whatever comes his way,
He coloured the roads he can’t see in gray,
Got new friends to share his life unseen,
Found some special ones to show that was behind the screen.

Don’t know when the expectations went too high,
That he lost himself to others and wanted to cry,
Love was still shining bright,
Only if he could see it right,
Lost, he was but soon found a track,
Alone, he will be, but he’ll never look back,
He is still a child, learning the new ways,
To spread the love and light as long as he stays….!

©Varun K. Sharma

5 thoughts on “A CHILD’S BATTLE

  1. it seems quite known to me… i mean the pain of the child.. the phases he had faced and is still facing all through his life… now the child is grown up nd unable to find a shoulder to cry and share his intolerable condition with anyone… 😦

  2. We should all of us learn to embrace the Child within and remember that we need to love him/her and that at times they still need guidance and reassurance..
    Excellent Poem.. Sue

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