LOVE – The Unexplained (The Silence of Words)

I see you in that corner again, Waiting for your bus on the next lane, You look at me as if you're going to speak, But then you go silent again. I wait for your eyes to turn towards me, I wait for your words to hit on me, So desperate I am to hear … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Silence of Words)


This is the story of a child, Who was born under shelter, not in wild, Raised by a family so loving and kind, In the whole land, difficult to find, Weaving the dreams of successful life, He always got slices, never needed a knife, Innocent eyes, true tongue tips, He was still afraid to move … Continue reading A CHILD’S BATTLE


Tiny flashes of light, As they reach my eyes, Become the elements of beauty, And from the ink of my pen, They flow like shining pearls, Reflecting the lights of different colours, Soft winds making me go high, Cold pleasant waves leaving me dry, Sounds of fluttering leaves, Become my melodious song, Sight of infinite … Continue reading FLASHES OF LIGHT