Sanity Test : Offering Help

A quick sanity test for all who are reading this post. This is the part where I give you a very real and practical scenario that I've experienced and you tell me what would you have done if you were in the same situation. I was walking down to the nearest grocery shop and there … Continue reading Sanity Test : Offering Help

LOVE – The Unexplained (A Thousand Miles)

Few things I am that I'm not supposed to be, Crazy like a kid and stubborn like a tree, And still when I don't walk a single step, You go a thousand miles just to see me. Too much I expect, Your care and respect, And still when I don't talk about it, You go … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (A Thousand Miles)


Freedom becomes a gift when in love, But when the world watches over, You are chained. Wonderful becomes an everyday word in love, But when the words look at you, You are detained. More and more you become YOU in love, But when the boundaries identify you, You are unnamed. Smile becomes a language in … Continue reading WHY DO CHAINS HURT?!