Sanity Test : Offering Help

A quick sanity test for all who are reading this post. This is the part where I give you a very real and practical scenario that I’ve experienced and you tell me what would you have done if you were in the same situation.

I was walking down to the nearest grocery shop and there was a kid looking for valuables in scraps. On my way back, I noticed be found something. Guess what he found – the last piece of biscuit in a discarded packet. He picked it from the garbage among other things that were still clinging to its plastic wrapper. I thought he might be starving to even eat that shit covered biscuit from that filthy trash bucket, so I offered him a fresh sealed pack of biscuits I just bought from the grocery store. You might be thinking “how kind and generous!”. I thought that too, but to my surprise, he took it from my hands very politely, looked at it, as it trying to figure out what brand it reads, and then he threw it away. I was baffled, somewhat confused, and a bit angry at how he refused to eat from a clean packing, rather going back to the scraps. What could have I done? I couldn’t force him to accept what I was offering. Although I did try convincing him that “this” is good, “that” is bad, but his attention seemed so distant.

So here’s the sanity test: how do you help a person, that you find in a state of desperate need, but is not ready to accept your help? Can you help someone who isn’t ready to receive what you have to offer?

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