The thoughtful sea

Source: Canva

Walking by the beach,

In the middle of the night,

Sky glittering with stars,

Cresent moon with shimmering light,

Dragging the white sand with my feet,

Holding a thought far too long,

I looked towards the endless sea,

Humming the tunes of my favourite song,

The waves start dancing around me,

Bouncing off higher each time,

I looked afar the white reflection trail,

Ripples starting to sync with my rhyme,

A few more glimpses unveiled the horror,

A giant wave rushing towards the shore,

And me standing six feet away,

Immovable, fearless, but not humming anymore,

The wave hit hard and washed me away,

Of my worries, regrets, despair,

Drenched my thoughts those were covered in dust,

Now alive and fresh like morning air.

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