11th Blogoversary

Today my blog completes 11 years and I’m stopping by to express my gratitude to my readers, followers, admirers, friends and family, who have been supportive and encouraging throughout my journey. I’m also thankful to the situations or circumstances that made me think about starting this blog more than a decade ago. Started off merely as a means of letting it all out, it has now evolved into something more meaningful.

Even after years of writing poems, articles and motivational quotes, I still feel I have a lot to learn despite my continuous improvement. Over the years, I’ve explored other platforms such as social media to post content in a crisp and precise way, hitting the words in just the right places. I’d take take that as an improvement. It’s easy to speak endlessly on a topic, but challenging to make it concise without jeopardizing the quality of the content and the impact it has on the readers.

Looking back at my own posts over the past few years, I feel proud of my achievements and this motivates me to keep going on the longer road ahead. It is because the journey is interesting than the destination, that I want to keep walking, not that I want to reach somewhere, but I simply want to be lost amidst the wonders this journey is yet to offer!

11th Blogoversary

Cheers to 11 wonderful years of this outwardly journey! Spread the message and stay connected.

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