Start a journey for the first time, It's unlikely you succeed, Or reach that far, But says who? Scare a child to teach him lesson, It's unlikely he will learn, Expect him to do better, How could you? Keep pulling the beginners down, It's unlikely they'll try again, Sleep on their shattered dreams, How would … Continue reading Unlikely


Today is a special day for me and for my blog because today is my blog’s blogoversary. Today, my blog has turned 2 years old. And not only this, there’s one more thing that makes this day special. On this day, I decided to upload my 100th post “WHAT’S ON MY MIND!” I decided to … Continue reading WHAT’S ON MY MIND!!!


1) "When earth wobbles, buildings fall....but when humanity wobbles, the creation falls...!" 2) "If you are not bothered about the material you are made of, then you'll never know the points where you may fail...!" 3) "Thoughts once created can never be destroyed, but can be transformed to ideas, stored as knowledge and justified as … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #2