Source: Canva

Start a journey for the first time,

It’s unlikely you succeed,

Or reach that far,

But says who?

Scare a child to teach him lesson,

It’s unlikely he will learn,

Expect him to do better,

How could you?

Keep pulling the beginners down,

It’s unlikely they’ll try again,

Sleep on their shattered dreams,

How would you?

Praise the ones already on top,

It’s unlikely they’ll pull you up,

Help is not part of the plan,

Then why should you?

Cut the wings of a dreamer,

It’s unlikely he’ll fly again,

Walk on ground without falling,

Neither would you,

Shut the mouth that speaks the truth,

It’s unlikely they’ll speak again,

Stealing the voice from their thoughts,

How dare you?

Paint the colors on someone’s wall,

It’s unlikely they’ll find their own,

Unexpected spots on your wall,

Won’t you see too?

In search for your own freedom,

Holding on to someone else’s wings,

It’s unlikely that you bring him down,

Without yourself falling down too!

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