Source: Canva

Struggling to wake up from a dream,

Half asleep, half awake,

I’m trying to reach somewhere,

Don’t know how long will it take,

I could sense the fear,

And hear my heart out loud,

Someone was chasing me off,

Then disappeared in the crowd,

The night was dark,

The road was straight,

In the direct line of sight,

I could see my house front gate,

A sigh of relief,

As I quickly march ahead,

The journey is almost over,

And the end does not seem dead,

Only a few metres away,

But there comes the sound,

A beast growling behind me,

Waiting for me to turn around,

I wished it was a dream,

And it really was one,

As I woke up to reality,

I realised I still had to run,

From the beasts I’m surrounded,

Chasing me along the way,

I wish it was still a dream,

And I could wake up some day!

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