This is the story of a child, Who was born under shelter, not in wild, Raised by a family so loving and kind, In the whole land, difficult to find, Weaving the dreams of successful life, He always got slices, never needed a knife, Innocent eyes, true tongue tips, He was still afraid to move … Continue reading A CHILD’S BATTLE


Inside a secure shell, Away from manly hell, She protected me from teary rain, Giving me breaths, taking my pain; Breathing same air, hearing same sound, Connected by blood lines, together we are bound, Feeling what I felt, Dealing what I dealt, She never blamed my moves, Holding me tight, she never let me loose. … Continue reading MOTHER


When we close our eyes and fall asleep, We start digging our mind, too fast, too deep; When we find the chest of treasure unseen, We enter the miraculous world of DREAM. When we play with stars, and fly in the skies, And start looking for GOD's powerful eyes; When we find the face of … Continue reading THE WORLD OF DREAM