From the depths of doubts,
Neither too shallow nor too deep,
I rise with an answer in hand,
Neither too strong nor too weak,
From the core of darkness,
Neither too calm nor too blind,
I rise with light in hand,
Neither too easy nor too hard to find,
From the traps of fake faces,
Neither too hollow nor too solid,
I rise with originality in hand,
Neither too vague nor too valid.

I rise from despair,
With a delightful prayer,
I rise from grief,
With a sense of relief,
I rise from ego,
With an attitude of ‘letting go’,
I rise from loneliness,
With a wave of happiness,
I rise from insanity,
With a flame of humanity.

I rise in LOVE,
High up above,
With no condition in hand,
Just an invisible strand,
That connects me to all,
And never makes me feel small,
From the ocean of doubts, I rise,
In the world of solutions, I rise…..!!

©Varun K. Sharma

5 thoughts on “I RISE….

  1. WOW! Varun this was like coming up from the depths of the ocean and breathing in a lung full of Fresh Air that filled me with light.. SO great was this poem.. I read it twice.. I Rise… and Varun, this is what we are all doing now.. emerging from the depths of our own darkness… one by one… we are lifting our thoughts higher as we reach up to that Light of awareness.. Thank you my friend..
    Blessing Sue

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