An Amusing Fantasy

A fantasy amuses me, After a long tiring day, That I'm walking by the beach, At the silence of the bay, Wind whispering the words, Like a song to my ears, In the jumbled up emotions, My dimple stops my tears, The day turns to dawn, I look up at the moon, Comforting me by … Continue reading An Amusing Fantasy


From the depths of doubts, Neither too shallow nor too deep, I rise with an answer in hand, Neither too strong nor too weak, From the core of darkness, Neither too calm nor too blind, I rise with light in hand, Neither too easy nor too hard to find, From the traps of fake faces, … Continue reading I RISE….


Religion, how can you define it? What comes in your mind when you hear this word? Does this instantly tell you that you belong to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism or any other human made category? Have you ever questioned your religion or your religious beliefs or you find it sinful or wrong to do … Continue reading RELIGION, I CREATE