An Amusing Fantasy

A fantasy amuses me,

After a long tiring day,

That I’m walking by the beach,

At the silence of the bay,

Wind whispering the words,

Like a song to my ears,

In the jumbled up emotions,

My dimple stops my tears,

The day turns to dawn,

I look up at the moon,

Comforting me by saying,

“This will be over soon”,

The burden is too heavy,

The sea is never ending,

Throwing my thoughts in water,

What ripples am I sending?

There are waves I created,

Soon to become bigger,

If I keep the storm inside,

What chaos will it trigger?

I look up at the moon again,

Sitting up there so quiet,

Pulling my worries like waves,

Fading out of my sight,

A fantasy amuses me,

Too good to be true,

I’m searching for the answers,

That I never had to!