An Amusing Fantasy

A fantasy amuses me, After a long tiring day, That I'm walking by the beach, At the silence of the bay, Wind whispering the words, Like a song to my ears, In the jumbled up emotions, My dimple stops my tears, The day turns to dawn, I look up at the moon, Comforting me by … Continue reading An Amusing Fantasy

LOVE – The Unexplained part 2

Of all the fantasies and fairy tales, And stories of fying dragons with pointed tails, A story stands so valid and true, That is about no one else but the two, It seems to be a dream at first, Unless we realize its LOVE, a heart in thirst. Its not a science, nor it is … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained part 2


When we close our eyes and fall asleep, We start digging our mind, too fast, too deep; When we find the chest of treasure unseen, We enter the miraculous world of DREAM. When we play with stars, and fly in the skies, And start looking for GOD's powerful eyes; When we find the face of … Continue reading THE WORLD OF DREAM