LOVE – The Unexplained part 2

Of all the fantasies and fairy tales,
And stories of fying dragons with pointed tails,
A story stands so valid and true,
That is about no one else but the two,
It seems to be a dream at first,
Unless we realize its LOVE, a heart in thirst.

Its not a science, nor it is a game,
Its neither instinct, nor a phenomenon to name,
Its not about real or fake,
Neither it is about give or take,
Its not about truth or lie,
Neither it is about live or die,
Its not about likes or dislikes,
Neither it is about reaching the heights.

Its about walking together every step, for long,
Its about calling every voice, a melodious song,
Its about observing a rhyme in every line,
Its about seeing a hope in every little shine,
Its about feeling the two, as united one,
Its about vast energy, needed for long run,
Its all about believing, its all about faith,
Its all about life, even after death.

A walk to remember,
A heart to surrender,
An eye to reflect,
A vision of percept,
A hand to hold,
A relation to mould,
A bridge to reality,
A word to morality,
Out of every emotion that ever sustained,
Nothing else but LOVE remained……The Unexplained!

©Varun K. Sharma

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