The Journey of Desires

The following write-up is co-written by me and another aspiring writer, and a great friend of mine, Himani Khajuria. Someone has rightly said that the journey is more beautiful than the destination. So is true about fulfilling our desires. We keep ourselves motivated somehow throughout the journey but once we reach where we always wanted … Continue reading The Journey of Desires

Perseverance – The Journey Towards Success

Success has no timeline. You can’t decide at what point of your journey, you will succeed or fail. Of course, you can choose the nature of your course you will be walking on, but you can’t be certain of at what exact moment you will achieve the result of your efforts. For example, a racer … Continue reading Perseverance – The Journey Towards Success


Tiny flashes of light, As they reach my eyes, Become the elements of beauty, And from the ink of my pen, They flow like shining pearls, Reflecting the lights of different colours, Soft winds making me go high, Cold pleasant waves leaving me dry, Sounds of fluttering leaves, Become my melodious song, Sight of infinite … Continue reading FLASHES OF LIGHT