Perseverance – The Journey Towards Success

Success has no timeline. You can’t decide at what point of your journey, you will succeed or fail. Of course, you can choose the nature of your course you will be walking on, but you can’t be certain of at what exact moment you will achieve the result of your efforts. For example, a racer wins a race by crossing the finish line first and yes, we can say that he succeeded. But this is just one of the hundred attempts he has made where he had not failed. If you look at his timeline, the racer who crossed the finish line first didn’t start his race the same day. He had been practicing and trying to win since last few months or maybe years, and during all that time he might have failed many times. For him, winning the race that day was a success. And the efforts he has been making throughout his journey despite all the difficulties and downfalls showed his perseverance worked out in the right direction – a direction that leads towards success.


In the journey towards success, there are many stages, and with each progressing stage, you learn something from the previous ones. One should know that there is a thin line between ‘perseverance’ and ‘trying hard’. Imagine hitting a nail with a hammer. If you just keep hitting the nail with hammer, you are just trying hard to push it into the wooden block. But if you position the nail properly and hit the nail in a strategic direction, you are trying hard but in a proper way this time. The second way demonstrates the act of perseverance, where you are aware of the direction and skill and then you make effort towards success. To bring your imagination alive, you need to practice but in the right direction. Only being persistent won’t matter, you need to be clear about what is it that you are being persistent for! Otherwise, giving up is yet whole another story. Only when you walk the road of perseverance, your timeline will become a success story.

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