The Journey of Desires

The following write-up is co-written by me and another aspiring writer, and a great friend of mine, Himani Khajuria.

Someone has rightly said that the journey is more beautiful than the destination. So is true about fulfilling our desires. We keep ourselves motivated somehow throughout the journey but once we reach where we always wanted to, we stop giving value to things now when we already own them. We continuously strive hard to fulfill our desires but we forget that there is an end; the end that whispers the irresistible story of going for a new desire. In no time, this new desire already takes over the subconscious mind.
Our daydreams about reaching the destination silvercoats the idea so much that it seems like a perfect achievement. But is it? The truth is that our achievements are short lived and we don’t realize it. Their life span is as short as our level of satisfaction.
What we need is learn to savour those moments of achievement. The moments themselves may be tiny, or short-lived, but their impact on our lives must be ever-lasting. Those achievements should not only impact our lives but inspire the lives of people around us; people who are on the same journey where once we were.
The best that has no limit of satisfaction. The best that impacts everyone connected to us somehow. And the best that makes the journey of life worthwhile; the journey once we started towards the fulfillment of our desires. And the desires that make us to appreciate the journey we have covered so far.
We must always be moving towards something that inspires us or comforts us. And in doing that, we must put our best efforts. The only thing to think here is, to stop thinking for a while. Because it is moments like these that helps us evolve. When we reach the summit and look down to the path we traveled, and see all the hardships we had been though, we feel worthy of where we are.

It’s not the journey you should be worried about, but you should be working on how to live through that moment of achievement. Because that tiny moment decides how the next journey is going to be.

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