9th Blogoversary

This year on August 21, my blog completed 9 years. Although I have been posting a lot of content on my instagram/Facebook pages, this space remained barren for quite some time. But as I shared earlier, I’m planning to merge the content gradually. Till the time it happens, let’s have a look at the stats from August 2018 to August 2019.

There are total 7 posts with total 700+ views and 500+ visitors majorly from India and US. The all-time stats look like this:

All-time stats

Total post counts has reached 211 with all-time views crossing 60,000 and overall visitor count surpassing 18,000. Proud moment, but could have been better.


There are now 305 WordPress followers and over 700+ from social media sites who have subscribed to my posts. Hoping to increase this number soon.

And so like every year, here’s a wish from WordPress team on completing 9 years of this incredible journey. New things coming soon. Stay tuned 🙂

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