LOVE – The Unexplained part 3

After the discussion long prevailed,
Still the LOVE remains unexplained,
There are still some questions around,
Whose answers are yet to be found.

Where is sown the seed of LOVE?
How does it become a tree above?
Where is sprinkled the rain of care?
How does it nourish the living bare?
Where are the deep roots underneath?
How do they hold so firm to the soil beneath?
Where are the leaves so green and clear?
How do they breathe the swarm of fresh air?
Where are the flowers that bring colours to the eyes?
How do they bloom even under the dark skies?
Where are the branches that grow so long?
How do they develop a relation so strong?

Love is in the air,
In hope and despair,
Love is in the skies,
In truth and lies,
Love is in the rain,
In relief and pain,
Love is in the hearts,
In silence and words,
Love is in the faith,
In life and death,
Love is in the smile,
Forever and a while.

Love is in the energy present all around,
It is something to be felt, not something to be found,
See the LOVE in every element of nature,
Observe it develop in every creature,
Feel the strength of the relation bound,
Hear the words in every little sound,’
Inhale a fresh breathe of ultimate zeal,
Just have a look around and try to feel,
LOVE is everywhere, in dark and light,
It follows no time, neither day nor night,
Where everything goes down but still you stand,
There you find LOVE, the only strand……that remained……The Unexplained!!!

3 thoughts on “LOVE – The Unexplained part 3

  1. seriuly!! an amzing work..alll yet LOVE is unexplained..coz love is boundless..wrdless..its a feeling dat one feels… nd its depth anot be measured…calculated or penned down!! hats off!

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