For every emotion that our heart traces,
There’s an EXPRESSION that carves our faces,
That which is in the heart deep inside,
Can be revealed by expressions, keeping words aside.

Thinking something in brain so loud,
We can hear but can’t express it’s sound,
That what we think, to project it apart,
It should first touch the heart.

To explain a situation, when words fail,
Nothing else works, but expressions prevail,
When talking for long doesn’t work at all,
Observe the expressions, the truth above all.

When lost between real and fake,
And confused about the decisions to make,
Just look out for the streaks on face,
As expressions are true in every case.

When emotions sprout, expressions grow,
When emotions halt, expressions walk slow,
When emotions speak, expressions shout,
When emotions are buried, expressions bring them out.

Expressions are true,
When only right we do,
Expressions are loyal,
When there’s no betrayal,
Expressions are strong,
When there’s nothing wrong,
Expressions are bright,
When there’s only light.

To know who’s right, to know who’s true,
Observe the expressions that follow through,
Expressions are like a transparent glass,
That hides no mikstakes, no doubts, no flaws,
To make on this world, some lasting impressions,
Just read your heart and mould your EXPRESSIONS…..!!!

3 thoughts on “EXPRESSIONS

  1. Expressions always bring out feelings, unless you can act so well and are able to hide them.
    Usually they are a reflection of the soul…If you can read a soul, you don’t need to read a face.
    Well written Varun!

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