LOVE – The Unexplained (The Final Chapter)

When we talk about LOVE, in joy or pain,
We say it’s something we can’t explain,
But there are certain things that we can describe,
Things related to LOVE that our hearts inscribe,
It’s not about a journey, it’s not about a vision,
It’s about describing things, for which LOVE is the reason.

Look at the rising sun trying to climb high,
With rays cutting through the clouds to invade the sky,
But there’s something that transforms these blades of light,
To a gentle beam that is tender to our sight,
In every ray of light there is something we feel,
That helps us sustain, adapt, recover and heal.

Look at the clouds trying to cover the blue,
Invading the light with it’s heavy black crew,
But there’s something inside that fierceful roar,
That speaks to us and shows us the door,
In every drop of rain there is something we see,
That reflects our vision and sets us free.

Feel the air that is always around,
Coming close to ears and buzzing a sound,
There’s something inside this disturbing chime,
That changes these sounds into words of rhyme,
In every breeze there is something we hear,
That recites a poem of the life we bear.

Everything about LOVE, ever heard or seen,
Nothing is true, nor has it been,
LOVE is not about knowledge, neither it is about words,
It is about a feeling that emerges in silent hearts,
A word with no description but with expressions contained,
The only mystery that will remain THE UNEXPLAINED….!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

2 thoughts on “LOVE – The Unexplained (The Final Chapter)

  1. woww!! simply amazing!! ur playing wd the wrdss and that tooo in such a sweet manner i simply loved t!!!! d meaning f hope..!! truth!! faith in a thing!! let it be god..u r beloved parrents anythn!!! d word LOVE defines all..and eevrythn can be visualised in ths poem of urz! good wrk varungenius!!

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